Concordia University Wisconsin & Ann Arbor (CUWAA) is committed to providing an environment in which its faculty, staff, students, administrators, and other constituents are treated fairly with courtesy, respect, and dignity. CUWAA seeks to exist as a Lutheran, Christian university community. Communication, in which there is Christian respect for individuals and groups that comprise this community, is the basic ingredient of developing this relationship.

CUWAA acknowledges that, in any university community, there is the possibility of conflict and dissatisfaction. For that reason, CUWAA is committed to providing all constituents with an avenue to express concerns and to work with CUWAA officials toward amicable resolutions. The CUWAA Grievance Form is intended to accommodate issues of serious merit and may not be abused by frivolous, unfounded, or unsubstantiated claims. Fair and prompt resolution of legitimate grievances is a vital part of CUWAA’s professional and ethical commitment to its community. When a constituent has a grievance, CUWAA has developed procedures to resolve the matter.

The CUWAA Grievance Form is by no means the only way to resolve grievances that may arise in our community, but it is an important part of the CUWAA’s ability to document and address concerns. Employees and/or students in conflict are highly encouraged to attempt to resolve disagreements directly and informally with each other before bringing a grievance. There may be those cases where it is not possible nor appropriate to meet privately; these will be addressed on an individual basis when appropriate. When expressing and addressing concerns, all parties are expected to do so with an attitude of Christian love and concern for academic, moral, and spiritual growth. When stakeholders feel as though a concern has not been addressed or they cannot reach a resolution, they may request follow-up from the proper University office and are encouraged to complete the Grievance Form. Upon receipt of the Grievance Form, the appropriate CUWAA official will be asked to contact the reporting individual to help facilitate a resolution. During this process, face-to-face meetings are expected to occur throughout the process, while understanding that it may not be possible nor appropriate depending on specific circumstances. All parties will be expected to act in a professional and civil manner and make good faith attempts to resolve the grievance in the spirit of Matthew 18.

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